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Vinny, Amazon FBA seller

Highly recommend contacting FBA Reviews (especially if you're new to Amazon). They’re very responsive, and their overall approach is incredibly effective to help increase your sales.

They have helped me significantly grow my Amazon business and I plan on keeping their service around for the journey. 5 stars overall!

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Mark, Amazon FBA seller

I tried giveaways, promotions, and sponsored ads. Although I was able to get visitors to my listings, I couldn't convert.


That's when I realized I needed social proof (i.e. reviews) that my products were top quality. FBA Reviews solved this issue and it drastically improved my business. 

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Lori, Amazon FBA seller

I came across FBA Reviews online and thought I'd give them a try...Turns out it was the best investment I could have made. The testers’ reviews were honest and forthright, and soon overwhelmed any negative ones I had.  Within a couple months sales skyrocketed, and I can't thank them enough! I highly recommend you give them a try.

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Sign up for a plan, and we engage our community of thousands of motivated Product Testers


Our network will begin to purchase your product using the Find, Search, Buy method using targeted keywords so that you get ranked for those sales.

Our Product Testers receive your product, test it, and then leave their honest comments on it, usually via product reviews (95%).


This approach fully complies with Amazon's submission guidelines, and prevents any risk to your product.

Amazon's algorithm ranks products on price, volume, velocity, and reviews - and our method boosts all of these! 

The combination of keyword search, purchase, and feedback ensures you'll get a triple-boost to your visibility.



of our clients see their review count increase after just 10 days, and...

...also see their product page rank increase after just 5 days


Our Clients See an Average 95% Response Rate from Our Community

We screen every member of our community to ensure that they're excited and willing to give their thoughts on your product. 

We ensure our process is compliant with Amazon's Terms of Service at every step.  


Nearly all of our testers are excited to leave reviews, and you're guaranteed to get honest, unbiased product feedback.

Your Success is Our #1 Concern




You are never paying for reviews

You never interact with Testers

You never risk being non-compliant with Amazon's ToS

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  • 5 Tests + Product Feedback Monthly

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  • Feedback Posted Within 15-30 days

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  • 10 Tests + Product Feedback Monthly

  • More Feedback Pictures & Videos

  • Keyword Research Analysis & Report

  • Feedback Posted Within 15-30 Days

  • 3-Month Domination Consultation


  • 15 Tests + Product Feedback Monthly

  • Most Product Feedback Videos

  • Keyword Research Analysis & Report

  • Feedback Posted Within 10-30 days

  • 3-Month Domination Consultation