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Frequently asked questions


Do I communicate with the Product Testers?

No. You never communicate with anyone except our firm. This creates a separation from you and the consumer.

What is the timeframe?

The best way to grow a healthy business is steadily through time. You don't want a sudden boost in sales/feedback/reviews only for it to go back down to where you started before your marketing event.

Thus, our team will review your unique ASIN, your current sales, the product category, and other metrics to determine an effective strategy for you.

The goal is to slowly but surely get you more testers leaving feedback on your product! Thus, timeframes vary per product.

Am I buying reviews? Am I getting 5-star reviews?

No you are not buying product reviews. This would violate Amazon's Product Review Guidelines
However, our product testers have a great track record of providing high-quality feedback, and many of them enjoy leaving product reviews. We actively review feedback, and if we believe our product testers are being dishonest then we will remove them from our network. Most importantly, if you believe you have a quality product then you have nothing to worry about.

Are you affiliated with Amazon?

No, we are not affiliated in any way with Amazon.

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