Amazon's Customer Product Reviews Policies & Our Responses

These policies can be found in Seller Central and include our interpretation.

Policy #1

"A seller posts a review of their own product or their competitor's product."

Our Response:  We don't do anything remotely close to this

Policy #2

"A seller offers a third party a financial reward, discount, free products, or other compensation in exchange for a review on their product or their competitor’s product. This includes using services that sell customer reviews, websites, or social media groups."

Our Response:  The product costs are NOT in exchange for a review. The product testers receive the product costs regardless if they elect to leave a review or not. You are absolutely NOT buying reviews. You are buying access to a large group of pre-screened product testers who are interested in trying your product and leaving feedback on it. This could be things like the quality, durability, functionality, and their overall experience. Nearly every major company on the planet has their products tested. We do not ask nor require our product testers to leave product reviews.

Policy #3

"A seller offers to provide a refund or reimbursement after the buyer writes a review (including reimbursement via a non-Amazon payment method). This could be done via buyer-seller messaging on Amazon or directly contacting customers or using 3rd party services, websites, or social media groups."

Our Response:  You are not providing a refund. We charge product costs as a part of our consulting fees. In other words, product costs are not contingent upon a product tester leaving a review. They receive the product regardless. Again, we ask our network of product testers to experience your product and leave feedback. Product Testers are required to provide feedback as a part of our program, and are able to provide it directly to us, or complete our product feedback form. If the product testers elect to leave feedback via a product review that is done by their own free-will. We do not ask/force/require anyone to leave product reviews.

Policy #4

"A seller uses a third-party service that offers free or discounted products tied to a review (for example, a review club that requires customers to register their Amazon public profile so that sellers can monitor their reviews)."

Our Response:  I hope you can guess our response. We NEVER ask our testers to leave reviews. Although we cover the cost of the product for our product testers, they receive the product regardless if they leave a review or not. It's not contingent upon or tied to them leaving a review. We ask them to try your products and leave feedback. That's it! Many of our testers enjoy leaving feedback via product reviews, but they do that by their own free-will.

Policy #5

"A family member or employee of the seller posts a review of the seller's product or a competitor's product."

Our Response:  That would be strange. Please ask your family/employees to avoid registering to become a product tester. If they can't resist registering, please tell them to decline testing any of your products. 

Policy #6

"A seller asks a reviewer to change or remove their review. They might also offer a refund or other compensation to a reviewer in exchange for doing so."

Our Response:  This one is easy. You never communicate with anyone except us. Although we maintain a record of every order, you don't know who is testing your products. We don't share our product testers contact information with you. This creates a separation between you and the consumer.

Policy #7

"A seller diverts negative reviews to be sent to them or to a different feedback mechanism while positive reviews are sent to Amazon."

Our Response:  Another easy one. You never communicate with anyone except us. There is no way for you to divert/coordinate anything. All feedback provided to us is written by the product testers. We don't have any input, positive or negative.

Policy #8

"A seller creates a variation relationship between products with the aim of manipulating reviews and boosting a product’s star rating via review aggregation."

Our Response:  That sounds like a terrible idea. Avoid doing that.

Policy #9

"A seller inserts a request for a positive Amazon review or an incentive in exchange for a review into product packaging or shipping box."

Our Response:  We have no control of what you put in your product packaging. Amazon says it's a bad idea so you shouldn't do this.

Policy #10

"A seller uses a customer account to write or change a review on his or his competitor’s product."

Our Response:  That also sounds like a bad idea, and you should avoid doing it.

These are our interpretations of Amazon's Product Review Policies.

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